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Therapeutic Massage


The ultimate Massage combination to leave you relaxed and refreshed. Your therapist will combine firm Swedish strokes with the deeper slow strokes of Deep Tissue to meet your massage needs. Whether you just want to relax or are in need of stress relief or pain management, this is the massage for you!


30 minutes    $40

60 minutes   $75

 90 minutes   $110

2 hours        $150

add a "HOT STONE ZONE" to any area of the body $12

**zone is one area of the body (ex. shoulders, lower back, etc)

Deep Sleep Ritual Massage

 This ritual begins with a Thai Poultice massage infused with herbs to help you fall in to relax the mind and body. The Ritual continues with  a 30 minute neck, shoulder and back massage with warn oil poured from an aromatherapy candle. It is completed with a massage of acupressure points to hands and scalp to induce the most restful state. You will then be enveloped in a weighted blanket with a lavender acupressure neck pillow, a amethyst eye pillow as you are left to sleep and renew.
60   minute Ritual   $90
Ritual with 60/90 minute Massage   $118/$148


















Hot StoneMassage
Melt away tension with the ultimate massage tool, Hot Stones. The stones are heated and then placed or kneaded along your body to further relax tight muscles, relieve stiffness and increase circulation.
60 minutes   $95
90 minutes   $130
add a HOT STONE ZONE to any massage $12
*zone is  one area of the body (ex. shoulders, lower back etc.)

Fire and Ice Therapy

Ice and fire brings you to a state of deep relaxation using heated smooth Himalayan Salt Stones followed by cool white marble stones. A warm massage candle infused with peppermint,lavender and geranium is poured on to the body for an even more intense relaxation. The combination of pressure, heat and coolness releases muscular tension, relaxes the joints and balances the whole energetic system of the body.
60 minutes   $95
90 minutes   $130
Zen Massage
The ultimate in RELAXATION!! This massage uses long flowing strokes that run from the top of the body all the way down to the bottom and back again. The therapist moves very slowly.  As the body begins to warm up and relax they use techniques of deep tissue, rocking and stretching which takes the body in to the highest state of relaxation. This allows the body to let go, the breath to deepen and the mind to go quiet.
60 minutes   $85
90 minutes     $115
2 hours          $170
Custom Massage
This custom massage  lets our therapist assess your body issues and use an arsenal of tools to get you the best results. Techinques include cupping, hot stones and warmed bamboo to attack stubborn muscles and give real relief.
60 minutes    $85
90 minutes     $125
2 hours         $170
* some temporary bruising may occur if  Cupping is used
Massage Cupping
The ancient tool of vacuum therapy gets incredible results by softening tight muscles, loosening adhesions and bringing hydration and blood flow to body tissues, as well as moving deep inflammation to the skin for release and ridding the  body of toxins. Yes is what the Olympic Athletes are having done to relieve sore, overworked muscles.
30 minutes of cupping    $30
added to any massage     $15
* some temporary bruising will occur



Sports Massage
Massage designed for every level of athlete to prevent injury and promote their best performance. Begins with a Himalayan Hot Stone Massage to warm and loosen the muscles. Followed with Hypervolt Technology to deliver varying levels of  rapid percussion to soothe sore and stiff muscles while increasing range of motion and mobility as well as promoting enhanced muscle performance. Gentle stretching completes the massage to keep you in tip top shape.
30 minute session
Includes choice of full body stretching session or focused work with Hypervolt to treat a specific area of concen.  (wear loose athletic clotihing) 
60 or 90 minute session
Includes Himalayan Hot Stone Massage in combination with Hypervolt and gentle stretching.
60 minute $85
90 minute  $115
Pregnancy Massage
This special time brings its own unique joys, and some aches and pains that you may never have experienced before. Specially trained therapist will settle you into a safe,secure and restful position. Then gently ease away all of the stress and strain in your body.
30 minutes   $40
60 minutes   $75
***Must Be 14 weeks pregnant to receive massage.



Couples Massage


Take a break with your favorite person!! Experience any and all of our massage services including spa treatments in our relaxing massage room.


60 minute couples $150

***This service is not available to Book Online.

add a HOT STONE ZONE to this massage $12

* zone can be one area of the body (ex. shoulders, neck, lower back.)

Peppermint Foot Therapy


Relaxing and revitalizing foot and lower leg treatment designed to invigorate the entire body. It begins by soothing and softening the feet with a himalayan sea salt , rose clay, lavender flower and milk bath soak. Calves and feet are then exfoliated with a cooling, mineral rich complex of marine and dead sea salt, shea butter and lavender. They are then massaged with a deeply hydrating balm infused with cooling peppermint.



Combined with Eco-Finn Hydrating Foot Treatment  $48






In Reflexology the feet and hands are mirror images of the body. By stretching,moving and applying pressure to theses areas our therapist breaks up patterns of stress in other parts of the body.


30 minutes   $35


Added to any spa service $30

Check out our Amazing Add-Ons to make your Massage experience nothing less then 


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